The Opening Of The Jubilee Of Mercy

The pilgrims of the Diocese of Bethlehem, gathered at the Marian shrine: our lady of Bethlehem on the 12 December 2015 for the opening of the jubilee of Mercy.
We begun by welcome note and expiation of the theme, by Fr Menyatso Michael Menyatso (the rector of the Shrine). The Bishop opened with prayer, and followed by reading of the Papal Bull by Fr’s Mosebetsi Simon Mokoena (vicar general) Mpho Mathias Mona (diocesan MC) and William Kaupa (vacations).
In light with the theme of the day, be merciful like the father, the procession led by the pilgrims praying the lumen mysteries to the Shrine via the stations.
By the entrance of the Shrine, the door of Mercy was covered with Basotho blankets, to be blessed by the Bishop for all to enter through and the blessings with sprinkling with holy water by Frs Tslolo Julian Mohlahli and Anselm Njoku
The ceremony in the Shrine begun by the Sacrament of reconciliation lead by Fr Buang Julias Mofokeng, followed by the anointing with oil by Bishop Jan the Groef and Fr Mosebetsi Simon Mokoena.
To sum up and conclude the celebration, the holy Eucharist was celebrated by the Bishop, where all the diocesan priests renewed their ordination vows and promises before the Bishop and the pilgrims of the Dioceses

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Report by:
Rev-Fr Khahliso Bonaventure Mofokeng (Diocesan media and communications)

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