“This is our Catholic pride

The Southern African young  Catholics in 2015 had gathered together as one at John Bosco in the province of Gauteng.

This was the first time in the history of  the southern African Catholics, were all young people came together and celebrated their faith as one.

I was one of the young people who attended the event.
MWYD was a true story of our Catholic faith.
I experienced our culture as Catholics, how we are one and understand mass in the same way but in our different languages.
The love that Christians had for one another was incredible 😊 .
We showed our different  heritage and songs, showing that God has no colour or race. What a wonderful experience I had.

The most important is our belief in one holy church and the holy  Eucharist.  How we see christ in our life as young people , from the testimony of young Catholics, who in counted christ in their lives as lord and saver of their life. I started to think of my own personal life. I was amazed and grateful that I came to the mini world youth day. That motivated me to keep on trusting God and keeping my faith in christ.

It was a joyful experience, and I learned a lot from other Catholics who are still young , looking for true answers of real life and True faith.

The faith  is our lifestyle and  not what other worlds tell us today.

The joy of being Catholic is to try to live as a believer in christ and Mary.  To understand the reasons why we are on earth and to enjoy our youth life . God made us all.

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MC Mashinini (Bethlehem Parish)”

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