Finishing our formation period during the pandemic

We give thanks to God who bestowed on us this precious gift of priesthood up on us. We thank our families for their blessings from the beginning of our journey for the past ten years ago to twelve years ago. We also thank our the bishop, the clergy, the vocation team, our parish priests, vocation prayer groups, our home parishes, and the entire people of God in Bethlehem Diocese for always keeping us in their prayers.

Though last year was a difficult year for all of us, on the 23rd of October 2020, four of us: Brs Makibi Hosias Seabata, Skotha Cederic Paballo, Sepatala Ntefane and Matabane Lucky Thabiso made a milestone when we obtained Bachelor of theology. This achievement was one of the requirements for completion of formation for Holy Orders in the Catholic Church in Southern Africa.

Academic formation is one of the four pillars of formation for the Catholic Clergy as request from the Mother Church. There are four pillars of formation which each candidate has to be formed upon for Holy Orders which are Spiritual, Human, Pastoral and Academic formation. Four of us graduated and it was a happiest day of our lives as we concluded our academic formation at St John Vianney Seminary NPC.

Graduating did not mean the end of academic formation but a continuation of ongoing formation on all four pillars of formation but on the different level.

A priest is expected to be a man who is able to read the signs of the times and that will only be possible if a candidate to priesthood is aware of the developments of theology and other academic disciplines.

Therefore, we will continue to read different spiritual and academic books to equip ourselves with knowledge and mostly on what is happening around us so that we may become what the Mother Church is calling us to become for the Kingdom of God to be known on earth.

To God be glory and honour for protecting us through the past ten to twelve years of priestly formation.

Article by Diocese of Bethlehem 2021 Deacon Elects.

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