Fazenda da Esperanca

Dear beloved and friends of the Diocese of Bethlehem and of the Diocesan web-page…

Herewith below, you will find the completed short history of our Fazenda. I have done my best to give accurate and concise information, but if I have missed anything out that you feel should be included, please let me know.


·        2013 – Bishop Jan makes contact with the leadership of Fazenda da Esperanca, Brazil

·        2014 – The leadership of Fazenda da Esperanca Brazil visit Bishop Jan in Bethlehem to help find the right farm to start a Fazenda.

·        2015  – Bishop Jan purchases the farm located 9 kms outside Bethlehem viz. Farm Barnea, Portion 3 of 231, Bethlehem, 9700, under the auspices of John Paul II Centre.

·        2016 – Bishop Jan together with Fr George Wagner purchase a vehicle (Bakkie) for Fazenda Bethlehem, with funds received from an overseas donor.

·        2016 – August – Fr Deckson Teope (the first person to live on the farm) arrives at Fazenda da Esperanca Bethlehem, to start the work of turning the horse farm into a Rehabilitation Centre.

·        2016 – Dianne Moses visits the Fazenda for the first time and starts helping Fr Deckson on the Fazenda.

·        2016 – Fr Deckson starts with the irrigation/ water reticulation and electricity supply for the farm.

·        2016 – October – Jandier Cossa arrives as the first Missionary Volunteer from Brazil. He assists Fr Deckson with all the work that he is busy with at the time. Together they build the piggery, build a cow shed with caretakers room, tile and paint the chapel (which was built by a local contract builder), and help complete new additions to the current house.

·        2016 – Fr Deckson buys Pigs and two milk cows.

·        2016 – Solar electricity is installed in the house and a water reticulation system established. This includes pumping water from the river that runs through the property, up to the house and into storage tanks. This water is then reticulated through a water filtration system which feeds the house.

·        2016 – Patricia Swartz of Durban aligns herself with the Farm of Hope as an Ambassador of the project. She does much to promote the Fazenda by publicizing the project – making use of different forms of media to get this done.

·        2017 – Bishop Jan together with Fr George acquire funds from an overseas donor to start the amelioration of buildings. Starting with a small Chapel and adding bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets etc. to the original horse stable building.

·        2017 – Bishop Jan and Fr George buy a number of Hereford meat cows from funds that they acquire from overseas donors.

·        2018 – Two Missionary Workers arrive at the Fazenda viz. Douglas Santos (Responsible) and Gabriel Muzza de Lorenzo.

·        2018 – Motsepe Family Foundation (local donor from South Africa) provides the funds for Fr Deckson to start building the new larger Chapel/ meeting room.

·        2018 – May – Robert Champion visits the Fazenda for the first time and meets Fr Deckson, Douglas and Gabriel.

·        2018 – July – Fr Deckson leaves the Fazenda and returns to the Philippines, leaving Douglas in charge (responsible) with Gabriel as his assistant.

·        2019 – July 6  – Fund Raising Event (Fr Andrew’s 40th Birthday) at Malvern Parish in Johannesburg. R30,000 donated to the Fazenda from this Fund Raising event which was co-ordinated by Ethel Codorwel of The Living Group (GEV).

·        2019 – August – We start to collaborate with Kelly O’Keefe of Alpha & Omega Rehab Centre, Johannesburg.

·        2019 – September – Fr Luis (Fazenda da Esperanca General) visits Fazenda Bethlehem together with Ivan (Responsible Kenya), Ildo & Wife (Responsible Mozambique & Africa), Joao Paulo (Responsible Angola)

·        2020 – January 5 – Lincoln Kariuki (Kenyan Missionary) arrives at the Fazenda.

·        2020 – February 22 – Fabio Santos (Brazilian Missionary) arrives at the Fazenda.

·        2020 – February 27 – Fr Fabiano Cota (Brazilian Priest) arrives at the Fazenda.

·        2020 – June – Fr Fabiano together with Robert start to collaborate with Fr Leuta (Bethlehem Priest) of Sekwele.

·        2020 – August 15 – Fabio Santos returns to Brazil.

·        2020 – October – Fr Fabiano Cota receives funding from Brazil and initiates the completion of the new Chapel/ meeting room.

·        2020 – February – The Chapel/ meeting room is completed.

·        2021 – March 15 – Fr Fabiano returns to Brazil.

·        2021 – March 19 – Ayres & Fabio Santos arrive at the Fazenda.

·        2021 – March 22 – Lincoln Kariuki returns to Kenya.

·        2021 – June 17 – Joshua Nduru arrives at the Fazenda

·        2021 – July – Mr Tefo (Bethlehem Businessman) donates a new fridge to the Fazenda.

·        2021 – July – Fr George agrees to pay for the road of Fazenda to be graded, whilst awaiting funding from the Papal Foundation to be approved.

·        2021 – July 10 – Frei Hans & Nelson Rosendo (Founding Members) visit Fazenda Bethlehem together with Frei Han’s brother, Fr Paul, and Joao Paulo (Responsible Angola/ Regional Responsible Africa)








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