Bishop’s Engagements

Engagements of the Bishop during the months of October


Date Engagement Venue
01st November Meeting with Social Awareness committee Sekwele


Meeting with diocesan Justice & Peace committee Bishop’s house
03rd November Meeting with BBTP Board BBTP
05th November Masses Makeneng parish
06th November Meeting with Missionary group, followed by other meetings of SACBC sub-committees Santa Sophia
07th till 10th November Meeting of the SACBC Board Lumko, Benoni
12th November Blessing of St. Elizabeth church  Fouriesburg
13th November Meeting with Consultors starting with lunch Bishop’s house
14th November Presbyteral Council meeting (starting at 09h30) J.P. II
14th November Meeting with J.P. II Board
15th November Meeting with Permanent Deacons Bishop’s house
15th November Meeting with Diocesan Finance committee Bishop’s house
16th November till 01st December Visit to the diocese of Jasjpur  India