Justice and Pease Ministry, Safety and Security Campaign.

The campaign was held on the 31st January 2016, at Makeneng Parish (Qwaqwa deanery) and Bohlokong parish (central deanery) in Bethlehem.
Mass started 8:30 with a procession, police took active role during the celebration in the following parts: readings, intercession,receiving the Sunday collection,bringing gifts to the altar(bread n wine), blessed them before final blessings.
In Makeneng, One of the officers spoke to us mainly: concern, communities are reluctant to be witnesses of the cases, therefore, they don’t report cases which are happening in their vicinity, this is due to fear of the consequence of being intimidated by the captive of the family members. They encourage the community to assist them to identify de criminals in order to reduce crime.

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Report by
Fr William Kaupa
(Makeneng Parish Priest)