Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

On this second day of 2016 when we are all full of expectation of what 2016 will bring for each one of us but also for us all together as Church in this Diocese of Bethlehem, I have to share some very sad news with you. Fr. Mpho Mona, a young Priest who showed so much zeal and commitment, Parish Priest of Bethlehem Parish, secretary of the Diocesan Finance committee, diocesan chaplain of Bongwana (Missionary Childhood) and our Diocesan MC, passed away in a car accident on the evening of the 01st January.

Many of you will still remember how he led us through the ceremony of the opening of the Year of Mercy at our Marian shrine in Tsheseng. He surely is a great loss to me personally and to the whole Diocese. It is difficult for us all to understand and to accept what happened. It leaves a great wound in the hearts of us all. To whom can we turn for consolation and healing?

To our mother Mary, who grieved so much when she received the dead body of her crucified Divine son in her lap, and to Jesus Christ himself who died for us on the cross  and rose again on the third day. Let us be united in prayer and recommend his soul to the Lord of mercy and compassion. More details will follow what the  funeral concerns.

Yours in Christ,

+Jan De Groef

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